Pregnancy belly button rings – you can keep your piercing while you’re waiting on your baby!

pregnancy belly rings

Are you pregnant and don’t know how to keep your belly piercing?

When your belly grows, navel piercing stretches and becomes longer. At about the sixth month of your pregnancy the expansion of skin reaches the stage where you have to take the old belly jewelry out. And you’re better off not leaving the piercing without any jewelry at all, because it can close up. All the time you’ve spent on healing the piercing will be wasted!

Some might suggest you insert strange things such as piece of fishing line! I’d say – why? You can get a hold of a long and flexible piece of navel body jewelry and keep your navel look beautiful during the last months!

The shaft of the navel piece is made of PTFE which is very flexible material with a “non-stick” surface. PTFE can be easily cut to your desired size and then you can screw the balls on – threads will be made in the process of screwing. So no matter what’s the size of your belly piercing – make it yours within 5 minutes!

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  1. Wow! All of the jewelry looks gorgeous! I am so excited to have one of these. And another one for my friend who is pregnant, she will definitely love to have one too.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m glad you like our range of pregnancy belly rings! Keep checking back for more!

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