Belly Button Piercing Story: Playboy Bunny!

Belly piercing story

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Hello my name is Allison Charlotte Lindsay and I am here to talk to you about my belly button experience….

Well, let me start out by telling you that when I was fifteen I got my belly button pierced.

And secondly – I am the only person in my whole family that has had it for five years I am really liking it! 😉

Also in the summer of this year when I am staying with my cousin I am planning on getting my nose done.

……I have a question to ask you: “Does your nose get infected really easy?”

Our answer:

No, if you adhere to the proper nose piercing aftercare instructions, the chances of getting your nose piercing infected are quite slim indeed!

The only reason why my cousin and I are getting our nose done is because it is going to be our cousin thing since she told me last summer that I am her favourite cousin now that makes me feel really special!

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