Belly Button Piercing Story in Modesto, California

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kayla Collins from Modesto, California. 

Belly button piercing in Modesto

Hi! I’m Kayla and I got my navel pierced a while back – I have no Idea why I got it , my sister in law has one but I don’t know… She didn’t inspire me. I kinda got it to motivate me to lose weight.

I’m not really fat but just a little chunky and I wanted my tongue done but the piercing guy said nowhere visible since my cousin took me in.

And it kinda was a spur of the moment thing – I was really scared because this was my first body piercing and we were just riding around and she said hey this is the chance let’s pierce something! 😀

I was like – uhh… I don’t know… I really was a pussy ❗

I was like – no, they’re not gonna do it because I’m under 18 but the guy said yeah and I kind of got scared and I didn’t wanna do it because my stretch marks but the guy was really cool and made me laugh so I would keep mind off it! 😉

I was laughing and nervous. I’m the brave fearless kind of girl but with this I was scared lol but I went in. It took me 3 minutes and I was done!

The piercing was good up until 5 days later it couldn’t swell properly the guy did the skin space too wide and a regular barbell so the top ball has been going in my skin and half of the ball is kind of in the skin but I can pull it out and it’s not infected, thank god!

It still has white puss kind of coming out and the redness around the top ball is going away but yeah I’m hoping it won’t get any worse but yeah I really love it!

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