Piercing for the birthday girl

By Sam from Florida.
486694_160933500711907_609177283_n_fbuI’ve always wanted to get my belly button pierced.. So once I turned 15 my mom took me!

I was pretty excited but kinda scared because everyone said it hurt…. My mom’s friend that works with her told us about this piercing place called three dimensions. I had a girl piercer, She was pretty nice.. Didn’t really talk much unless she actually needed to but she was definetly polite.

She took out the needle and the clamp and thats exactly when I started asking if it’ll hurt. So she told me to take a big breath in and breathe out.. So I did and right when i breathed out she pierced it. It really didn’t hurt at all… It was a small pinch… Like when it’s st. pattys day and you’re not wearing green and someone pinches you for it… It feels like that. Haha.

My piercer person told me how to take care of it and she gave me a little booklet on how to take care, when it will heal, and when you can change your piercing. It took me about a year for it to heal… But I’m pretty sure other people heal diferently.. She told me it could take 5 months to a year.

I changed to a titanium belly ring right after. I get my belly button rings from Spencers, Hot topic, Or even online. My favorite website to shop off is called Shecoolhecool.com !

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