Emily’s story about piercing belly button

How a teenage girl Emily got her navel pierced – after 4 years of waiting!

May 2007 Emily, Ohio

I’m 14 and I have had my belly button pierced for only 7 weeks. I have wanted it pierced for like 4 years, so my mom finally said I could get it done.

We went to the shop and I picked out a ring and nervously I went back, first he cleaned it, marked it, clamped it and then pierced it. To me it did not hurt at all. Well I liked how it looked so I paid and we left.

Piercing belly button of a 14 year's old girl

Then it kept pinching in the car so I looked at it in a mirror and I didn’t not liked how it looked because I have on outtie. I was so mad but then I told myself when I can change it I will get a dangle.

Piercing belly button of a 14 year's old girl

So time went by and it started to get red I thought it was infected but it was just irritated so I kept using Bactine and the redness went down.

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