By Vanessa, California

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve been wanting to get my bellybutton pierced since i was 11 or 12, and my dad doesn’t care what kind of piercings i get, so he was fine with it. I went to the piercing place and they said to wait a few years to get it, so i patiently waited.

So for my 16th birthday, i talked my mom into it and she said it was fine.

I brought my mom, my aunt, and boyfriend and they took us into this room. I picked my ring that was a barbell with orange and purple plastic balls. The guy told my to stand up and he marked me, then i layed down.

I was looking at the needle he was going to use and was getting nervous, but i didn’t let that get to me. After he put the clamper on me, he told me to take a deep breath and then shoved the needle though. When he shoved the needle through, that didn’t hurt. It was putting the ring in after that really hurt.

I was happy with how it came out. I think it was worth it! I’ve had it for about a month now, and it’s healing just fine.

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