Pierced at Last

By Shanese from Atlanta.
bellyring_fbuI had been wanting to get my bellybutton pierced for years.

Ever since I saw how good it looked on one of my friends. I knew would be able to pull off the look just as good as anybody else. After a couple years of asking my mom finally agreed to let me get pierced.

She took me to the tattoo/piercing shop. we looked around to make sure the place was clean and that this was a good place to get the job done. My mom signed the consent papers while I picked out which ring I would be wearing home. I picked out a little heart ring that stood out to me.

When the piercer called me back I became a little nervous. My mom went back with me and we watched as the piercer took the needle out of the pack. He told me that he would count to three and then push the needle in. he started counting. when he got to two he pushed it throuhgh.

To my surprise it didnt hurt like i thought it would. It was a pinch, barely hurting. He got the ring that had been sterilized and stuck it in through the needle. He screwed th ball on and I got up to examine my new piercing. I was in love with it. He gave me after care instructions on how to handle the piercing and what i should and shouldnt do.

I was able to buy piercing spray that was at a fair price from my piercer also. After a few months I changed my ring. I have now had my belly ring for two years. It took it somewhere around a year to fully heal. Ive gotten a variety of rings to show it off. I even convinced my sister to get hers pierced. Overall it was a really great experience.

The piercer was nice and Im glad i got it done! i would definitely go back to be pierced again.

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