Pierce it up lol

By Saterica from Alabama.

Cute-Belly-Rings_fbu-1_fbu i had my belly ring done n i almost fainted when i felt th ªpainª.. as soon as she got finished i was beggin for water , it was alil drama bt blv me it was painin..so sh ofered me her own sparcklin water.. it was at a mall so i went in a supermarket n got a cold sack of peas n put it under my shirt… helped a lil, went to my bestfriends university hostel coz it was th nearest place to go lie flat ..everyone kept askin wat was wrong i tod them i had cramps..in th night i didnt know how to sleep, i hate sleepin with my tummy up..bt had to.. so th next day i bought a new tight dress n my mum wanted to see me in it , so i put it on, wen i closed th zip my belly was hurtin ,i thnk its coz it was a loop..so i showed how i was in th dress to my mum quickly n took it of.. my mum found it strange y i dint stay in it for long coz usually i walk around th house n try it with diferent shoes … till now sh doesnt know, i prefere telling her wen its healed coz thn if sh says take it off i can take it nstill put it back on..hihihi..so its three months now n still on its way to healin, ievertym i shwer i blowdry it with a cool blow..n i hope it heels pretty soon and i also got my tongue pierced 🙂

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