1. i just got a belly button piercing and it has been i think 3 days and i was wondering so it wont get infected … can i use alcohol .. and salt water … and also it is pussin and that freaks me out … PLEASE HELP…

  2. Ok I have a inverse belly piercing I want my name belly ring but I want a reverse one where my name will fall over the top of my lower button

  3. Ofcourse you cant go swimming with it. it could cause infections. put a water proof band aid on it if you have to swim and clean it as soon as you get out.

  4. i think belly button rings are uber cute <3
    im hoping to get mine done this week.
    can you like, go swimming with it in?
    ive heard you cant, and ive also heard you can. help?
    are there any other special precautions besides
    cleaning it everyday?

  5. i will get mine done soon, and i wanna know what it will look like when i take it out..like i rly want to get it done but i dont think i will be wanting it in everyday! will it look rly ugly!?? how long after swimming to you have to clean it, do u have time to change and get home and have a meal or what ever!

  6. ok,i want my boyfriends name,initials or football number….does anybody kno websites where i can get a cheap one???

  7. im 14 and my dad ses i can have my belly done if i find a prince sign belly bar.

    anyonee help??x

  8. robby why u know so much ive been on every site and youre always one of da ppl answering da question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I want to get my gf a belly button ring with my name in it but there are only silver ones and she wears gold. Anyone know where i can find a gold personalized belly button ring for my woman?

  10. HI Kayla,

    It will take around 8 weeks to heal. Might be longer – but the initial healing stage would last 2 months.


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