Parents and Piercing

A recurring subject in the mails and comments received on Belly Button Rings Guide is the endless fight between parents and teenagers who want to get a piercing, even though the children in question are almost always under the legal age. Parents and piercing do not mix!

The teenagers always believe that their parents are too strict, and the parents are of the view that their children are being rebellious. Parents often believe that body piercings are a sign of ‘badness’ in their children.

It is a difficult situation. Piercings come with responsibility. They need to be cared for – sometimes for up to a year. Many teenagers do not possess the patience and maturity to care for their piercing for so long and will ignore aftercare advice, or only follow aftercare guidelines for a short period. Of course, this is not true in cases – but unfortunately is true in many.

Often times, the teenager may not be physically mature enough to get a piercing below the neck. As the body matures, the piercing may migrate and end up in a very undesirable position.

Legally, nipple or genital piercings are illegal for anyone under the age of eighteen. Parents or piercers who allow this practice are very lacking in judgement. A piercer who performs these procedures on a minor is committing a sexual offence. As a parent, allowing a child to get one of the aforementioned piercings, could result in a charge of reckless endangerment against the parent.

As a parent, you should never judge a child negatively just because they want a piercing. It could just be a phase, or it may be a good opportunity to figure out why they want the piercing – it will help you understand and communicate with your child. If they want it so badly, it can also be used as a bargaining chip for better grades or some other desirable behaviour.

Teenagers may also use the same advice. Teenagers often know what their parents answer will be! If you feel you will be shot down, be ready with as bargaining chip of your own. Offer something in return. This shows a level of maturity that may be respected by your parents. If your parents refuse no matter what, it is better to respect their wishes. Try not to rebel by trying to pierce yourself or get too angry. It’s not worth it in the long run.

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