Pain LOL:)

By Shanice, from Inkster.

I decided to get my piercing because my friend/twin had one an i wanted one. So it really made me want one and i even seen kids younger than me with piercings and that made me want it even more than before. i mean come on the belly button rings are cute and its cool.

The reason i choose the shop i went to is because they are CLEAN, NICE, and NEAT, also some of my friends told me it would be a good place to get my belly done because they gave out cute belly rings.Their prices was not high at all thats another reason i chose to go there and i didnt really want to spend to much money.

The person that pierced my belly was cool he was friendly and i asked questions everyone who is/was scared will and he gave me a striaght answers and he just kept talking to me while he pierced which some what knid of help me get throw it .

Most people told me the part that hurt is when they clamp down SORRY its a LIE that part didnt hurt me but the part when he stuck me did it hurted so bad i was about to tell him o stop but i am so happy i dint because i really like my belly piercing.

CHAMP I AM.Yes he did tell me how to clean it so that i wouldnt get any infections he told me to use some disinfection soap like dial and make sure i move it like twice a day so it wouldnt get stuck or something.It took 6weeks.It was nasty.but it dont seem that long.Professional piercer, proper aftercare for the healt of your body is a good way to go so that you wouldnt have no problems with get an infection an having your body turn all kinds of colors.

belly rings are so cute really the ones that have a lot of color but all people dont look rite with them i think this is the new style for kids/teens in our years and age.

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