Pain Kills – Time Heals!

This navel piercing story has been submitted by Kalesha from Brooklyn! 😉

Pain Kills - Time Heals Belly Piercing Story!

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I’ve had my navel piercing for 2 years now. When I first got my piercing I went with friends – one of them already had hers pierced she was telling me her experience – the pinch feeling.

I was shaking as if I was cold as soon as I saw the thick needle – I had that “I’m giving up!” feeling.

I wanted just run out the place for a moment so I closed my eyes and said to myself “You can do this” my friends were on the side making me nervous. “OMG the needle!!!” – they added.

I closed my eyes as felt a pinch and sting. I suddenly started bleeding it was a little painful but I was so glad I did it and got it over with. I was in pain so and couldn’t lay on my stomach it use to hurt when I wanted to sit down.

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