Belly Button Self-piercing Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Victoria Brown from Erlanger, KentuckySend in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly Button Self-Piercing in Kentucky

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First I was really scared… 

I am 19 and I just pierced it a week ago.

I bought everything at the store.

So I was home with my boyfriend and decided to pierce it.

I picked out a belly ring.

I used the clamps and placed it, then I pressed down the needle a little bit because I needed a better grip of the clamp. Then I continued to push the needle.

Finally I took the body jewelry and pressed it on the needle.

And I pushed the needle right through. And I added the ball……the things I used were, clamps, q-tip, rubbing alcohol, and a needle.

* * *

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Mother Wasn’t Happy

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kezleigh Evans from Bottesford, Scunthorpe, UK. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Mother Wasn't Happy About Belly Piercing

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Hello, my name is Kezleigh but most people call me Kez – mainly because they don’t know how to pronounce my name! 😀

I’m a 17 year old female and I have 3 piercings so far but I’m getting my nose pierced this week (so excited!) I love the feeling just before you get a new piercing the rush you feel. I guess I’m strange but – oh well…

Anyway about my piercings… I have my navel, my tragus and my normal lobes. My first piercing was my navel. On my 16th birthday me and my best friend Megan went to town to watch a film but on the way there I went past the piercing shop.

Now my mum knows the people who own the shop so I was so scared but I decided I wanted it done (and when I want something I make it happen).

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What to Expect When Getting Your Belly Button Pierced

What to expect when getting your belly pierced

You may be thinking about getting your belly button pierced or just curious about this particular piercing in general. Well, we’re here to help! Step-by-step, here’s what you can expect from a belly piercing.

The first step in getting any piercing done is to choose your piercer. It’s EXTREMELY important to find a professional piercer who uses clean and sterile piercing equipment. Also, make sure that you see examples of the piercer’s work if at all possible to assure that he or she will be able to give you a piercing you’re happy with.

Once you’ve chosen your piercer, the next step in usually to choose your jewelry. Most piercing shops will have a variety of captive belly rings or curved barbells for you to choose from for your first piercing but will probably let you bring your own jewelry with you instead if you prefer to do so. It’s not recommended to start off with dangly, over-intricate jewelry because it increases the chances of the jewelry getting caught which can affect the healing process and cause a good deal of pain as well. Note that belly piercings take a bit of time to heal so, when choosing your jewelry, be sure to choose something you wouldn’t mind keeping in for awhile. Bioplast belly rings, for example, are super body-friendly and also look great!

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The Anxious Rebel

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Veronica from Bremerton, Washington. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

The Anxious Rebel's belly piercing

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So I’d just turned 18 and my rebellious phase had just begun! 😉 My mom never approved of piercings and she certainly didn’t like when I got my ears pierced the week after my birthday. My friend and I were browsing our local Fuego with a gift card I received from my birthday.

That is when we noticed their extensive belly button ring collection. We marveled at how many there were! That is when I got an idea. I’m not the skinniest person ever, so I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off. I asked one of the employees if she thought I was skinny enough to rock it. She told me that anyone can look good in one as long as they’re confident. After that, my mind was pretty much set. 😡

The piercing place would be Lucky Boys Tattoo Parlor. I’d watch my friend get ear piercings there all of the time and the place was completely sterile and a fun environment to be in. Even better, the place was having a special on navel piercings the day I decided to go in, so it was the perfect place. My first practically dragged me there because I was so nervous. She said that she’d get her belly button done with me ❗

I promised that I’d get mine done first so I couldn’t chicken out later. That was a good decision on my part 😉

My piercer was really nice but laughed at what a spaz I was. I’d never gotten a piercing outside of my ear and I was so scared that it was going to hurt. Even worse, I was afraid that it was going to get infected and I’d have to tell my mom; which would be a death sentence. As I was freaking out, the piercer went over breathing techniques to get me to calm down because at this point I was pretty much hyperventilating. I have to say that the most painful part was the clamp. I did not feel the needle go in, I felt the clamp move when he was putting the ring in, but nothing outside of that! 🙂

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Another Dreaming Teen

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Shelbi from American fork, Utah. Send in yours HERE and get a free piercing!

Belly Button Piercing after 2 years wait

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I had wanted my belly ring done for years!

I pierced it myself, and all went well until one day it got ripped out… 🙁

After working my butt off and a long 2 year wait, I got all A’s and mom took me to get it re-pierced! 😉


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Taking the Tummy From Flirtacious to Dangerous

Belly button piercing in underwear

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The belly button is often seen as a somewhat exciting spot on the human body, possibly because you don’t see them hanging out every time you walk into your average place of business or maybe they’re just fun to look at or play with. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: the stomach can be a very enticing area and finding the perfect belly ring to suit your look and/or outfit can take your stomach from cute and fun to poke to dangerously attractive and irresistible!

One great example of this is the girl pictured here. While her suggestive bedroom attire looks pretty on her and her ring, bracelet, and manicured nails make her seem well-groomed and classy, it’s her tattoo and belly piercing that really pull the look together and finally suggest that she might also have a wild-yet-elegant side to her as well.

In particular, the swooping lines and cuts in both her top and her belly ring complement and coordinate well with one another and the shorter length of the piercing, as opposed to one that dangles, provides a wide open area beneath it – an ideal match for the nearby tattoo, keeping her mid section from becoming too cluttered.
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Birthdays and Older Moms With Nipple Rings

This belly piercing story was submitted by Emma from Marshfield. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly ring!

Belly Button Piercing

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I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to pierce my belly button.

I’d have thought about it a lot, but could never really commit to the idea of it. I didn’t think I fit right criteria, body or attitude wise to get it done. I spent a lot of time researching how they are pierced and what places in my area were the best.

Randomly on a whim the day before my birthday I decided to get my belly button pierced! 🙂

I asked around at school where the best place to get it pierced was. It was between Squids Ink and Pin Cushion.

I had been to Pin Cushion before with my friend to get her nose pierced, it is very clean and well run.

On the other hand Squids Ink was closer and didn’t use a clamp while piercing the navel. After many recommendations, I decided on Squids Ink.

They had a great selection of belly rings with different sizes of gems you could get which I liked. The staff was super nice and polite.

When I first walked in I gave my ID to one of the workers and he wished me a Happy Birthday and I filled out some forms. I was listening to what looked like an average mom or young grandma ask if she could get her nipple rings changed!

It was funny to think that the most unsuspecting people have piercings, which made me think – “If this mom can have nipple piercings, I can have my belly button pierced!” So I did.

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Belly Button Piercing Story: Playboy Bunny!

Belly piercing story

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Hello my name is Allison Charlotte Lindsay and I am here to talk to you about my belly button experience….

Well, let me start out by telling you that when I was fifteen I got my belly button pierced.

And secondly – I am the only person in my whole family that has had it for five years I am really liking it! 😉

Also in the summer of this year when I am staying with my cousin I am planning on getting my nose done.

……I have a question to ask you: “Does your nose get infected really easy?”

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The Mischieviously Sexy Belly Piercing

Belly button piercing in a blue tracksuit

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Whether you love to show off your midriff or prefer to maintain a secretly sexy side under wraps, a belly button piercing can add a feminine touch to any stomach ❗

For this lovely lady, a belly piercing appears to be ideal as it allows her to maintain a more mature and professional appearance when needed but also achieve a playfully beautiful bikini or lingerie body when wanted.

The particular jewelry piece she’s wearing is exceptionally ideal for her skin tone and balances the simple clothing and lack of other jewelry well because of it’s low dangle and high shine, also complementing the shine of her hair color. Since she’s able to conceal the piercing, it makes for a sweet surprise anytime she decides to reveal it. It really stands out against the shade of her skin as well, drawing attention to a wonderfully flat stomach. 😉

Belly piercings are something you want to put a little extra thought into decorating. Since, for most women, they’re not always exposed, when they are they tend to receive more attention than the average body part (other than parts on the face, of course). The other thing you want to keep in mind is that each woman’s body is a little different – from shape to size to skin tone and beyond – and what looks fantastic on one person won’t necessarily be flattering on another.

Accordingly, you should take into consideration things such as your proportions, shape, body type (athletic, thin, cuddly, or whatever it may be) when choosing your perfect piercing and decide on a style that both looks and hangs right on you.

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Belly Piercing Experience in Vegas

This belly button piercing video was sent in by Aleta from Vegas!

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I decided to get my belly button pierced after I got a few tattoos around there. The belly button looked a bit empty so I decided to put something down there! 😉

Belly piercing in Vegas

I got the piercing done in St Ink’s here in Vegas, and it didn’t hurt at all actually – just a very brief pinch and it wasn’t painful at all.

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