Oww..then Oww again!

By Karina Coateston, Detroit, US

Belly Piercing Story

SO me and my best friend, Dinah, decided that our first piercing should be our belly buttons. (Remind you that we don’t even have our ears pierced and we are 16.) ❗

So we go to this one man that everyone gets their piercings done by. He seems nice and cool. His girlfriend is sitting there like “omg, when I got my naval pierced I passed out”. Then we start freaking out..and finally he turns around like ” who’s going first.?” I volunteer Dinah to go first and hers goes smoothly. Now it’s my turn. 😯

So I lay down and he puts the clamps on it. I’m squeezing the life out of Dinah’s hand while she talks me through everything. He puts the needle in and then he says “Uh-oh”. WHAT.??!! 😯 “It’s not going through” is the words I heard come from his mouth. I start sweating bullets..nervous and shaking I freak out. 😳

He tries again with a new needle and it goes through. Afterwards, I ask Dinah went happened when he said “it’s not going through”. She was like ” Girl, he pulled out the first needle and tons of blood started squirting out all over your stomach.” “That’s why he told his girlfriend to get some tissue fast..”

I look down on my stomach and right under neath my new piercing is a blood drop stain…WHAT A DAY.!!!

I love my piercing now though.. 😉


  1. i really sorry to say this but in that pic your piercing looks well crooked i dunno if its the angle the pic its taken at thats making it look crooked. i hope it istnt
    nice bar tho

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