Outties Are More Fun!

By Breanna, Lauderhill, Fl

Belly Button Piercing

I’m 17 yrs old and have been wanting to get my belly pierced for a couple of weeks now, ever since i saw this eye catching tweety belly button ring at walmart. I wanted it so bad but my mom didnt get it. A week later she came home with it i was soooo happy! 😀

but she saved the receipt because she thought i was going to be too chicken to get it :lol:.. I wasnt to sure if the piercing would look right because i have an outtie. I spent weeks looking online for outie naval piercings but didnt see any normal ones. So i asked my mom and she was all for it.😉

I went Tues 7/14/09 to my tattoo shop on sunrise. all my friends went there so i decided to go there too. So i worked my nerve up and everything, to be told that i needed to get a paper notarized and bring i.d and my birth certificate because my mom and i didnt have the same last name 🙁

i was really disappointed, but nevertheless i came back the next day. On 7/15/09 i was all pumped up and ready to go. My two close friends cayla and kristina were so excited for me they insisted on coming. My twin sister Erika came too. I had all this support! So my mom picked everyone up and off we went.She thought it was too funny everyone coming just for a piercing. In the car my friends and sister interviewed me using their cameras.

I was excited but yet very nervous. ( im a big baby!! i have a low tolerance for pain! :shock:) We pulled in and went inside. The piercers were all men and were quite funny. i signed the papers and in the room i went. My sister wanted to videotape the process but was not allowed 🙁

i had a new piercer in training and he was having a difficult time marking me ( because of the outtie) so the head piercer came. i was all ready and laid on the table. i was so scared and was tensing up and they told me to relax. i held my moms hand and squeezed very hard when they inserted the needle. It hurt, but was bearable. I got up and looked in the mirror i liked it! but its towards the side because when the ring is in the middle it hurts so the piercer moved it to the side for now.

They gave me a big bottle of sea salt solution and told me to clean it 4-6 times a day and to make sure to wash my hands before doing so! When i left the place my piercing hut really bad i didnt kno it was going to be this sore. I took some tylenol and after an hour it felt way better. I showed all my friends and they like it, (when i move it to the middle 😆 ) I love my piercing and i think it was all worth it! And mine is diff from everyone elses because i have an outtie! and i had my moms permission! : -)

P.S. Please mind the hair and couple of bumps from in grown hair on the tummy. i didnt have time to shave before i left!!


  1. Aww…your belly button is so cute pierced! Are you able to straighten the jewelry and place it more center or does your outie push it out of the way?

    Wish my belly looked that good. I used to have the sexiest belly button – it was deep and narrow with a t-shaped hood. It was the perfect belly button to pierce. I wanted to get it pierced so bad but my parents wouldn’t let me. Now…well I got pregnant and my belly button popped right out. It’s been 6 months since I had the baby and my belly button is still a hard little nub poking through my shirt. Never thought my perfect belly button would be gone for good at 17!!! Carpe diem girls, carpe diem! Your belly button isn’t going to be hot forever! Pierce ’em while you can!

    You’ve inspired me though. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Do they use clamps with outie piercings? Not sure there is enough of a hood on mine to clamp anymore. Do they make special belly rings for outies?

    Are we generally agreed that post baby outie bellies are sexy enough to pierce? Or should I continue taping mine down, trying to hide it?


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