by Kam

(Western Aus)

I got my piercing for my 15th birthday. I’ve had it now for 2 weeks.

I got it as a birthday present from my nanna. It wasn’t planned at all we just went to a piercing store and she said ‘your going to get your belly done now, OK?’ I agreed but we had talked about me wanting my belly pierced. I went in there and here’s a hint for all you girls (or guys 😉 ) wanting your belly done, don’t let a friend (or your nanna) come in with you because my good ol’ nanna explained everything that was happening, which i really didn’t want.

Makes it i reckon about 10 times more painful than what it would of been.

I got all the required aftercare stuff for it and it still seemed to look pretty bad. Turns out I was using wayyy too much piercing care spray and it actually burnt my piercing…. or dried it out ? :S anyways

It still hurts but after a visit to the chemist to see if it was infected (it was a mild infection) and was treatable. So I’m now looking after it using diluted betadine and salt water.

So I hope I didn’t bore you out to much. Enjoy your day/night/afternoon

P.S. It hurts no matter what everyone else says

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