By Brittany, from Gaffney, U.S.

It took forever to get my mother to agree i done alot of research showing her videos and reports on it but finally she agreed to getting my belly button and industrail bar pierced.

At first when we walked in my dad wanted to get his new tattoo so the whole time hes getting hius done im sitting there freaking out about the pain but finally when the man gets done he takes us to another shop were they do the piercings,he was a very nice man.

I was still nervous i was literally shaking i dont know if i was cold or what but i was scared when he let me pick out the jewlery i got happy my belly button ring is green, my favorite color,and my industrial is silver. i was excited and scared he told me to lay down and her explained the proceider to me very carefullty then he pulled out the needle i was a little freaked out about the size but when he put the clamp on he said “i’ll tell you when im going to push the needle throught” he didnt but i dont care it was very painful for a few seconds then it stpped the same with my industrail dont let the pain physc you out its def.

Worth it!

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