Other materials in Diamond Belly Jewelry

It’s important to know what materials the Diamond Belly Jewelry that you wear is made from. Manufacturers use many different materials and not every type will agree with your body chemistry. You need to know a little about each material so you can find the one that will work best for you.

• Stainless steel jewelry may have even a miniscule amount of nickel in it. For people with sensitive skin this can be a problem. 316L and 316LVM are the only stainless steels that are suitable for belly jewelry. Even these, unfortunately, do include trace amounts of nickel. Stainless steel is not used in the manufacture of Diamond Belly Rings.
• For those who like the look of stainless steel but cannot tolerate the nickel properties there are similar metals that can be used that do not have any nickel in them such as Titanium or Niobium. White Gold is probably the most common alternative. But beware, white gold usually contains traces of nickel too.
• Only 24 karat gold is 100% gold. 18 karat gold is 75% gold and 14 karat gold is nearly 60% gold. Anything else is gold plated and should not be used for Diamond Belly Jewelry because it is very thin and wears easily. If you see Diamond Body Jewelry sold with lesser quality gold, it would be best to avoid it. For new piercings you should always consider no less than 14 karat gold.
• In gold there are many other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, and silver. White gold has more nickel in it than yellow gold does. Nickel free alloys are now being more commonly used.
• Titanium is sometimes used for Diamond Belly Jewelry. This is because it is very lightweight. Titanium is composed of aluminum, vanadium, and titanium. Titanium can weather body fluids better than any other materials used to make Diamond Belly Jewelry.
• Nobium is weightier than stainless steel and generally does not cause any chemical reactions.
• Sterling silver is mainly composed of silver but also contains a small amount of another type of metal such as copper. This is a good choice to wear in body piercings IF they are already fully healed. They are not a good choice for genital or mouth piercings because these areas are moist and silver tends to tarnish under these conditions.
• Platinum is a very wise choice for Diamond Belly Jewelry. Platinum is durable, strong and is known to cause less infections than other materials.

The best material to buy is usually gold. Diamond Belly Piercings should only use the best quality gold since low grades of gold can also cause the skin to break out. If you plan to use a lower grade of gold you should do so when your piercing has already completely healed. There are also a lot of styles and designs that you can choose from so it is a good idea to know a little about the various jewelry metals that are used before buying.

There is quite a bit more to enjoying a Diamond Belly Piercing than just buying a piece of jewelry that looks attractive. Piercings can be enjoyed over your lifetime if you know how to buy the correct jewelry for your piercing. This will also help to eliminate some of the frustration that can come with not knowing and that leads to an eventual closing.

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