On the hood of my mother’s car!

By Sarah from West Virginia.

When I was 12 years old I wanted a navel piercing so bad I did something really stupid. I went to my boyfriends house and pierced my navel with a safety pin and then something really bad happened. I was with my boyfriend watching a movie on the couch when his ex came busting in screaming and cussing then she looked right at my navel piercing and ripped it right out. I then had to let it grow up. Then 2 weeks before my 16th birthday I had a new boyfriend who was a professional piercer. So I ordered a sterile needle, clamps, and cork from ms.piercing.com. Then we went to walmart and bought a few navel rings and went to the park for a little while. Honestly I was so excited I couldn’t stand it. So I begged and begged my boyfriend until he agreed to do it right there and then. First he layed a clean blanket out on the hood of my moms car. Next he put the sterile gloves on and put the clamps on being very gentle, easy, and careful not to hurt me. He prepped the area by rubbing it with an alcoho pad and then counted to 3 and put the needle through. I expected it to hurt a lot, but I didn’t feel it at all surprisingly. Then he threaded the navel ring through the needle and slid it right in. As far as taking care of it he just told me to rub it with peroxide. I had to wait about a month and a half to change it, but it was all worth the wait because when the time came I had no problem changing it. I was actually able to change it about 2 weeks early because mine healed so quickly. As far as my piercer is concerned he was very polite and gentle and the whole experince was very good. Most of the time I order my navel rings from ms.piercing.com or bellybling.net. Thanks reading my story and I hope this encourages you.


  1. Omg thats so crooked! And how can your boyfriend be a professional piercer at 16? I have my belly done and its so much nicer!

    1. I guess it looks crooked because of the way she’s leaning to one side… And it’s not the boyfriend who was 16 – it was Sarah herself!

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