Oh, the story of my belly button piercing

By Elizabeth from TN
I remember getting my belly button pierced like it was just yesterday, because it was such an experience for me! I decided that I wanted to get it done because I had seen so many celebrities, models, and even most of my friends with their navels pierced. And it wasn’t just that, the belly button piercings are so cute too!

I decided to ask my mom before I asked my dad, since he’s stricter than my mom is. So, I asked her, and she said, “Yeah, if you can pay for it and have your grades up to A’s and B’s.” Those didn’t seem like really hard things to do, I did things around the house a few trusted online survey sites for money, and

I studied so much and did everything I possibly could to get my C average to a B average, and I did in about four weeks! But then I had to ask my dad. I asked him saying something like, “Dad, I asked Mom, and she said it was okay, and that if I had the grades and money, I could get my belly button pierced.” So he asked me all these questions abou it, and of course I answered them from doing research, and he said it was okay, which got me excited!

I chose the closest piercing studio near me; I live right outside of Memphis, so I got my piercing done there. The piercer was super nice and told me about the risks, what she was going to do, how to take care of it, and then let me pick out my jewelry. I picked out a diamond! Then, she sat me down in the chair, drew dots on my belly button, and asked if they were even. I said yes, and then she started. First she numbed the area, so it wouldn’t hurt at much, and trust me, it helped. Then she used her clamps.

Those hurt more than the needle itself and then she put the needle through, and after that the ring itself, and the switching from the needle to the jewelry hurt worst. Overall, it wasn’t that painful. Maybe a 3. I got my belly button pierced just about a month ago, so it hasn’t healed completely yet, but right now it is doing completely good!

I can’t wait to show it off in the summer!!

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  1. Oh your piercing looks pretty! I don’t have a flat stomach as you have, but yep yep :::D I wanna get my piercing done after my holiday in Egypt.. Looking forward tho it!!

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