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By Mady,

A while back I was riding in the car and I asked my mom, “can I get my belly button pierced?’ ha she was like hell no!!! She started telling me some stories like ” my belly button would get infected and fall off!” or “it’s so painful.” I just ignored it cause I no she was only trying to scare me.

So I gave it a week or so and begged again, finally she gave in after a solid week or two of non-stop begging and left it with one condition. I had to pay by myself and I would promise to take care of it. I agreed, of course. Ha-ha so anyhow I finally found a place that was decent and clean, which was hard to find because not many places will do belly buttons anymore because they get infected to easily. I made my appointment and couldn’t wait for the day to come.

Finally, the day came and I hopped into the car and headed down to the piercing shop. It wasn’t till I walked in the store that I realized what the heck I was thinking. Lol my mom was like “you wanted this so you’re going to get it!!”. So I walked back to this little room and sat down and then the man gets this huge tong looking things and grabs my belly button. Then he takes this almost needle thing and shoves it through my belly button. Finally, slipping the barbell through!! It was not at all bad was actually surprised in how little it hurt.
I got home and it was red for a while then it went away and has healed nicely. I’m very happy I got it done.

 I love it!!! I recommend getting it done you may think it will hurt to bad but it is not as bad as they all say to be 😀

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  1. 50th birthday present to myself
    Yes, I’m 50 years old, and got my belly pierced. Like a teenager, I was really anxious to change it out. After 4 weeks I changed it out and it burned like hell! I did the sea salt soak 2 X daily and obeyed my piercer, but I kept changing the rings out-from 14K to dangly ones to titanium, I must have changed it out 10X within the first 2 months. Well, my belly button started bleeding (there was skin hanging, I must have impaled myself) and then I put in a heavy dangly and it felt like someone was sticking a hot knife in my belly!!! I couldn’t lean over. I called the piercing place and they said to stop doing the alcohol and neosporin (like I told him I had done) and just continue the sea salt soaks. I bought a whole bunch of new belly rings online and kept changing them out after a few days of feeling better and wham! The same burning feeling. I just went over this afternoon and told him my story. He said I was lucky not have caused a bad infection. He said clear lymp secretions are normal, but not burning. He said to put in and keep in the original piercing for at least another month. Oh well! So much for the pretty belly rings! So learn from an older impulsive person-sea salt soaks and antibacterial soap to clean piercings. The only way to sterilize is through an autoclave. Before 3 months, changing piercings is too soon. I learned the hard way…believe me.

    that’s my story but I still feel like an Egyptian goddess even with the plain old piercing-at least I know how to change them out!

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