Not the Answer I was Expecting

By Morgan, from Hillsborough.

I’ve wanted my belly button pierced since 5th grade, when I saw my mom’s&& Thought it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen.

Starting in the middle of 7th grade, I started begging. A couple of my friends got their’s done in 8th. At the end of 8th, a couple weeks into summer, my dad finally agreed!(I’m a daddy’s girl).

So I took my boyfriend&& Mom&& Off we were! I was so scared of needles, I was shaking. The piercing lady dotted my belly, redotted it, made me lie down, and shoved the needle through! It hurt, but felt better after she put the ring in. I thought it looked super cute!

Now, the end of summer, it’s still healing, I’m still 14, and I’m super excited to change it! I got 4 other rings, and they’re all too cute. I’ve been taking great care of it, so now it’s almost healed. Xoxo~Morgan<3(:

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