Newly Pierced belly button

By Carla from Fredericksburg.

The day after my birthday, my mom had to work in the morning so i decided i would go get my belly pierced since its something, i have always wanted to do. But never got permission for it! haha

So we decided we where going to go somewhere where i would only have to pay 25 dollars for it, the place was called Block Monster. We arrive there and it was close -_-

I had done the research and everything, and not one did it mention on their website on Tuesday it had to be by appointment. Then we decided to go to a place called sorry mom in downtown Fredericksburg, and because there not licensed they were closed as well.

Great! I was so frustrated and mad at this moment, we decided we would try one last place called Top Notch. After driving around for 30 min and making circles and being completely lost we found the place. We walked in and automatically they made us fill out forms, as k for ID yadi yadi yada! Payed 40 dollars for it!

My guy best friend was with me and my sis we were patiently waiting,then the piercer called my name. Everyone wanted to come into the room with me but only one person was allowed, so my guy best friend came with me 😀 we walk into the room, My guys bff sees a chair and asks if he can sit in it lol and I tell him your suppose to hold my hand babe and the piercer was like there’s no holding hands here!

He told me to stand up straight and he marked the two holes made me go see if they were straight! Then told me to lay down, I felt him clamp my skin and then the next thing I knew it was done and over with! Didn’t hurt at all.

I OD clean my belly button because I don’t want to risk getting an infection. I clean mines in the shower I use Dial soap the bar not the liquid kind. And then I put hot water and a little bit of sea salt mix it all together and put that on my piercing and last but not least I use the H2O spray at least 3 times a day!

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