Never ever felt complete!

By Halima, from Long Beach.

I have always wanted to get my belly pierced since I was 11. I was so fasinated with it and I even though it was sophisticated and i still do.

Well, I am 16 now and i recently got my belly pierced in the begining of the year(January 2, 2010). It took a lot to convince my brother to take me(Hes my legal guardian). After trying to persuade him for the 1,000th time, He tells me “Give me one good reason I should take you to get it done when I wont allow you to walk around with a short shirt”. I say ” Exactly, Im not going to walk around school or the mall with a short shirt so why cant i get it done when its for me to see when i take a shower or go swiming”. Case closed ! (LOL)

The place I went to get it pierced at was in Hunington Beach in California called Tommy T’s Body Piercing. It was very sanitary and made me think of a hospital. I was so nervous! . My piercer went through everything with me and as nervous as i was it did not even hurt. I played it safe and simple and got a plain ring. Takng care of it was very easy i just cleaned it and didnt mess with it! This was a fun experience. I love my belly button ring and cant wait to put a pretty ring in their !

I cant wait to go swiming so i can show off my belly. This was a great decison for me but make sure when you get yours done, you do it because you want it, not because “its the thing”. Thanks for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it and make a great decision. P.S – Proper aftercare is essential. Use the things your piercer tells you to use such as saline solution and sea soaks.

Thanks and be safe !

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