Navel replacement balls – choose from many designs!

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navel replacement balls

Navel replacement balls come in a number of designs starting from plain steel ball which is an ideal option in the case you lost the ball of your belly button ring. Most of the navel rings have plain top balls and you can just buy a replacement – no hassle!

If you’re looking for navel replacement balls as a way of modifying your belly rings and adding additional adornments to them – there are lots of balls with gemstones in different colors.

You can also get for yourself acrylic navel replacement balls, glittering UV and titanium ones – in case you have a titanium belly button ring and have lost the top ball.

These body jewelry parts fit standard size 14 gauge belly ring shafts and as this is the most popular size – you’ll have no worries finding a ball that fits your belly button ring!

Join others who have submitted their belly button piercing stories and got them set up on this belly rings guide!

Tell everyone about where and how you got pierced, how you treated your new piercing and where you shop for the belly button rings.

Sharing your experience is invaluable for those considering getting belly piercing and is also really interesting because every single one is unique!

Read and submit navel piercing stories here.

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