Ayshe’s navel repiercing story – piercing done by a doctor isn’t the best…

Ayshe’s parents are doctors and her father’s best friend does the piercing…and does it wrong!

June 2007 Ayshe (Turkish Delight), Famagusta, North Cyprus

Hi there this is Ayshe from Famagusta, North Cyprus (the island between Turkey and Egypt).

I am 14 and I just got my belly button pierced yesterday at a piercing studio by a pro. Well my story’s kinda complicated actually.

When I first saw a navel piercing (thanx to Britney Spears)I fell in love with it and I was only 8. Since then I kept on telling my parents how much I wanted it and would take really good care of it. My parents are both doctors and they were totally against the idea of their daughter having a ‘hole’, they’d like to call, in her belly button.

But in time my mother was OK with the idea, but there was my dad. It took us 2 years to convince him. All my friends knew how much I wanted it, I couldn’t stop talking about it. But when 3 of my best friends got permission from their parents and got their belly buttons done, I was really upset and thought it was not special anymore.

On the 7th of May, 2007, I got it done at my father’s best friend’s clinic. I know, how could they possibly let a doctor do it for me ? The doctor had done it the wrong way, it was not straight (slightly to the left) and the hole was thin. The next day I went to a pro and showed him my piercing.

When he told me it was so wrong and if I didn’t take it off it was going to fall off in maximum 4 years, I wanted to take it off but I was scared that my parents wouldn’t let me pierce it again.

I loved it, it was like a part of me but I just had to take it off. So I took it off and I waited for about a month for it to heal, and finally yesterday I went to the BEST ( =D ) piercer in Famagusta with my mum.

I thought it wasn’t going to hurt because it didn’t the last time, but it kinda hurt because the old one hadn’t healed properly. After he pierced it, he told me everything I should and should not do in order to take good care of it.

Now that I’ve got my belly button piercing done correctly, I don’t think I’ll ever take it off. First of all I think it looks really nice and I know this sounds weird but it’s like my baby, it’s like a part of me !

I’m so glad that I have it and I don’t think I’ll ever regret piercing my belly button !!!

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