Navel piercing with baby on lap!

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July 2007, Claudia, Falardeau, Quebec, Canada

Navel Piercing With Baby On Lap - Claudia from Quebec, Canada

Hi!! I’m 27 years old and I am a mama of 3 kids. I’ve got my belly button pierced almost 8 months ago.

I’ve wanted this for like 12 years so I was really happy about it!! It didn’t hurt, in fact I got it pierced with my baby girl trying to get on my lap!!Lolll.

The piercing lady was very careful and professional. I got it pierced a different way, instead of having it up on my belly button I got it pierced under it. Its very cute and sexy and I love it!!!

It’s not easy to find barbell that fits cause I always have to turn it upside down but it’s worth it cause it’s different. I’m gonna get pregnant again next fall so I’m gonna have to get one of those special pregnant belly button piercings.

I hope I won’t have to take it off but if I have to I’m gonna have it pierced again after the birth of the baby!!!

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