Navel piercing horror

By Chris, Rockhampton Qld Australia

Navel Piercing Infection

I had my belly button piercing done a week ago – did all the right cleaning instructions – by day 4 i had a swollen stomach, nausea, fever, very red site.

I got my partner to take me to hospital and was immediately put on drip with 3 antibiotics running through – and told i was very lucky, if i’d waited much longer i would have been unconscious and require urgent surgery. the infection travels to the liver and forms abscess and blood poisoning and can eventually be fatal.

My advice to anyone – be very careful and any sign of feelin unwell get medical help immediately. I am on strong antibiotics for 10 days now , still tender stomach and oozing site. Please be very careful!!!!


  1. See here’s the thing if you do this yourself it’s going to get a bad infection if it doesn’t you’re very lucky. Another thing almost everybody get a small,
    Minor, not even to worry about infection. I did,
    My friends did. We also cleansed it exactly how we got told and It still did.

  2. I got mine done about a week and a half ago and its red around the top hole and itches every once in a while but other than that I think its doing OK I hope anyway

  3. I’ve had mine for about 6 weeks and it’s healing totally fine! But I went to the piercing place today with my friend because she was getting hers done and I talked to the piercing lady and she said that the only way u can get an infection is if u touch it with dirty hands! So make sure u wash it hands rllllu well before u touch itt! But I feel rally bad for you! I hope you get better soon!

  4. Im not sure if my belly button is infected it was ok at first and the bar got crooked so i changed it (2 months) and nw theres a little bump as big as a spider bite on top rite next to the hole it bleeds and scabs but it doesnt hurt what should i do?

  5. My daughter just had her belly button pierced. She played with it constantly and now has an infection. Her glands are swollen, sore throat and cant open her mouth and earache. Its exam time and she hasnt got time to be sick but she is.

  6. omg i feel so bad i waz gonna get my belly button pierced but now i scared lolssss but i feel for u hunzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

    -lol smilely face get well soon

  7. I had mine dne 3 weeks ago and mine is healing fine.. no pain or nothin! The only thing I can say Amy is go get it checked!

  8. ah had mine done like 3 weeks ago and it is healed already the only thing happens is white pust and it doesnt hurt i feel for yu hun

  9. omg i had mine done bout 5 weeks ago
    mine is red and inflamed and i am feeling quite sick and dizzy with constant heaches?????

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