My “YOLO” piercing!

By Keyana, from Williamsburg.

My ENTIRE life I have wanted to get my belly button pierced. Even in middle school all my friends and I decided we were going to pierce them by ourselves o_0 . That was a big no no. We hid them from our mom’s for about a week, but them one of my friends’ got infected so she had to tell her mom. The snitched on all of us. Her mom called everybody elses mom so we all had to take them out. BIG TROUBLE. But that’s one of those moments you see in movies where “you look back on it years later and laugh” because that’s what we do! My mom is so strict when it comes to stuff like that, that’s why I had to sneak it. It healed, but there is this nasty mark on it kind of like a scar. Its ugly as hell and it wasn’t even worth it because we only had it in for a week. Christmas of 2011 I begged and begged and begged my mom for this piercing. Like to the point where every conversation would have something to do with it. I would be like “hey mom! How are you feeling? I’m good! Would be eve better if I had some jewelry in my belly”. Of course she said no, so I just gave up….. Then April came around, and that’s my birthday month. So I begged some more, I even got my family to help this time. What I said to my mom “mom im turning 17 this year, in 365 days I will be 18 and I’m going to get all the piercing & tattoos I want and you wont have any say (I said this in a very polite way). This is really the last chance you can sign for me and be apart of this. Share this with me. I’m growing up mommy. YOLO MOM! You only live once. Why not! What is it hurting? Please” Somewhere in there must have been some magical words because she let me. That week we went to stay in the beach for my birthday with some friends. We found a cute little shop on the strip that was very clean and wasn’t expensive. Got my belly pierced! YOLO IS THE MOTTO(:

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  1. i feel the same way girl i still have myns in and i had this sence i was 17 lol i like it tho my mom didnt care she said if she was 17 she would of did the same thing.

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