My story

by Jennifer

(Ayr, Scotland)

I got mines pierced yesterday, after begging for ages my cousin got it done, so my mum finally gave in and let me get it, I’m 13 by the way.

So me and my dad went along and filled in some forms, the lady then took me into a back room and marked where she was going to pierce it.

She then told me to sit down and i lay down and held my dads hand, i don’t know if she clamped it or not but i felt a really sharp sore pain suddenly through my belly, i felt it really painful, she was talking to me as she done this saying i had nice firm skin and she then told me the worse of it was over, which it was.

She then told me to stand up and take a look in the mirror and then she would coer it up. I then felt really sick so i said to the lady and she told me to lie back down as she got me a glass of water and a damp cloth to wipe on my head, i nearly fainted.

Finally i felt i was fit enough to leave so me and my dad got in the car and drove away, in the car on the way home i said to my dad i feel really sick, he then asked if i wanted him to pull over, i said no I’d be fine so we drove on a bit suddenly i shouted to him to pull over but he couldn’t there was no place to stop so he waited till he could pull over, telling me to shove my head out the window if i was gonna puke but as he stopped i shoved the door open and flung my head out.

I then got out the car and was sick, it was just the water the lady had given me though since i hadn’t eat anything all day since it was only 10 and i didn’t want to eat in case i was sick at the place. all in all though it was worth it:D

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