My spontaneous random day!

By Cassie, from Florida

I have wanted my belly pierced since I was 17. My parents agreed when I turned 18 I could do it. Well lots of stuff happened and it didnt go as planned. Well I am 20 now. I was feeling spontaneous and random one day with my fiancee and we were in Daytona Beach and I decided hey as a souvenir for my day I would get it done. The small piercing booth was right there so we went and explored. She sent us to the actual studio 1 mile and 1/2 away. I was freaking out. I absolutely hate needles. The piercer was great and kinda cute. The guy did the dots so he could get it even. Then I laid on the chair. I told him not to let me see the needle. I was freaking out I wanted my fiancee next to me. Finally I guess I annoyed the guy enough he let my fiancee come hold my hand. He told to take a deep breath he will count to three and i will exhale. So I did that. It hurt really bad. But I decided to save his ear drums and not scream. Next thing I know he was done and I was standing up. He thouroughly went thrugh the after care and cleansing process and I was on my way. I bought my first belly ring that day. It took 3 and 1/2 weeks to heal enough for a change.

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