MY Sexy Belly Story…

By Alicia Corado, San Diego Ca, USA

Sexy belly piercing story

Nothing really inspired me the most. I just wanted to feel more sexy! 😉 I was 21 at the moment and I’ve been wanting this since I was only 16. like about 3 days ago when my husband got paid we went shopping for our daughter and later that night right as they were about to close the piercing shop we arrived.

I WAS SO NERVOUS. 😕 I felt as if I was going to fall and my knees couldn’t resist my whole body! 😆 It was really quick and it didn’t even hurt. I just felt a pinch. Most people say that it hurts more when they put they belly ring in but for me it didn’t . I guess most people are just scared and nervous but its nothing really! 🙂

It was really my decision to go to the piercing shop, but just not at that moment because I and my husband are trying to save money to get our own place.

So any ways about the piercer he was really nice he explained about the needle and that it was not gonna hurt and that I had to relax and not be tense but after it was all done he didn’t explain nothing on how to take care of it.

I had to ask him everything… like wth? I could’ve sued him if something would’ve happened! 🙂 Any ways he was really nice other than that I guess he was just in a hurry to close his shop. It has not healed yet due to the fact that I just got it like a couple of days ago but I recommend you to get one its so cute and it looks sexy.

It might be even motivation if you have a little gut cause when you look down and see your belly ring you’ll be like aww man I gotta go work out hahaha! 🙂

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