My racing heart

by Kim


My belly =]

My belly =]

OK, So it was a Friday night. I wanted to get my belly pierced for sooo long so i decided to go and get it.

I didn’t ask my mom, I’m 18 so whats the reason for me to ask I knew she wouldn’t mind anyway. Anyway we got to the piercer. He was getting everything ready.

I saw him taking everything out getting the things ready. He told me to get my shirt ready and i did. I was so scared I had second thoughts about it. My friend kept telling me it didn’t hurt but still. My heart was racing so fast I felt like throwing up!

He let me cool down for a little bit. I finally got the guts to do it. 3 seconds later it was pierced. It didn’t hurt one bit. I couldn’t believe I was so scared to get a belly piercing.

In the end it was worth it. It’s been 2 months since I got it done and i LOVE it. I cant wait til’ i can change it because I’m going all out. =]

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