My Play Mother Rocks!

By Jamika Burton, Houston,Tx

Belly Button Piercing Story

Ok. My real mother told me i had to wait until I was 18 to get my belly button pierced, but my play mom told me she didn’t care and that she would take me! 😀

So I went and got it done and the next day my aunt had a fake tongue ring and showed it to my mom and like 3 hours I decided to show her. She thought it was fake because of my aunt’s was fake.

I was like “no it’s real” And she reach to touch it and I stepped back because I thought she was gonna hit me! 😆

She was like “move the skin” and I pushed it up. She didn’t get as mad as I thought she would. But I can’t wait until I get my tonuge pierced. 😉


  1. Why do y’all care if she show her bra, everyone have a bra right? like its her if she wanna do that that’s HER LIFE. you don’t now her enough to ask why. if y’all didn’t like it y’all easily could’ve left the story.

  2. ummm why do you have to show everyone your bra. liek its possible to see your stomach and piercing without showing your boobs. everyone has boobs no biggie bro. peace out home dog

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