my piercing

by J

(london )

i was so nervous, i went into the shop and there was a really nice guy. he didn’t make it scary at all. I sat down, he cleaned my belly button, then told me to stand up, he placed a dot on my stomach where the piercing would go, he showed me that everything was sterile, i looked at the placing and it looked fine.

then he clamped my stomach and told me to lie down. He got the needle ready and told me to take a deep breath in, then told me to breathe out, he put the needle through and it was over. i chose a nice pink one. i payed for it and left. i didn’t get a kit to take care of it, but i did get instructions, i paid 40 bux.

My piercing bled a bit. but he said that was just because i hadn’t eaten much( i was too nervous). i bought some baby shampoo which he told me to use to clean it, and to rinse it. also to use non-iodized salt and warm water and just let it soak in straight form the disposable or sanitary cup.

it hurts a bit still when i lie on it or sit down a certain way, but it was so worth it, i can change it in about 4 months, but i love it. so if your afraid to get it done, go for it, because yes I’m not going to lie, it does hurt, but not too bad. go for it and good luck 🙂

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