!my painless navel piercing!


my navel piercing 2007

my navel piercing 2007

when i was 12 or 13 my cousin that is older than me got her belly button pierced i was so jealous of her. so i started reading up on how they pierce it and what they use a needle or a piercing gun and then one day i got a belly ring from a little shop and begun to see what it looked like on me. it looked perfect and i ask mum so many times in the end she finally said yes.

i think it was after my 14th birthday mum finally took me i was so excited and nervous but it was what i have wanted for ages. so we went in and me and mum made an agreement if i get my navel pierced she will get her monroe pierced(its the top of your lip). after we picked our jewelery out then it was my turn to go first. i was really nervous.

so i told to stand as straight as i can so the lady could get the markings perfect. after that was done it was time for me to get pierced. then she put the clamps on my navel then i jumped onto the bed like thing and then she got the needle ready then pierced me it was like a very small sharp pain but it only lasted for like 3 seconds.

i love my belly piercing and i wouldn’t change it for anything!

peace out xxx

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