My Painful Belly Piercing

By Malika Joy Boostan, Brighton, England

Belly Piercing Story

About a year ago my cousin got her belly pierced and all my family went mad, i had the idea in my head to get my done, but i knew my mum would never say yes.

Around septemeber just gone i asked my mum as a joke if she would ever let me get it done and GUESS WHAT ? she said YES, but i was way to scared. All my friends were going mad at me, they wanted theirs done but weren’t allowed.

Anyway Novemeber comes and i’ve been told it doesen’t hurt at all, so i said to my mum yeah let’s get it done why not. I didn’t think she ever actually get it done for me, but yesterday (24th decemeber 08 ) she said it can be a xmas present and we went to the body piercing place (punktured) i picked a double jewelled belly bar and i signed some papers with my mum and then i saw the lady get some scissors, they looked pretty scary.

By now i was very very scared. Me and my mum entered the little room which looked alot like a dentist room along with a dentist chair. Anyway the woman marked me with a fine purple pen and asked me if that was where i wanted my piercing and i said yeah that’s alright.

So then all of a sudden i feel this great deal of pain and i closed my eyes, but my mum told me the used the scissors to clamp my skin and i was so frightned and then a couple of seconds laters it’s done. i was allowed to look in the mirror before the plaster was put on and my belly bar was a so beautiful even with the pain i had.

i did think i was weird, because none of my friends had this pain. I thanked my mum and the woman i was really happy. I walked out of the shop with my mum, but i have to admit i was in so much pain all of that day including some of today (25th decemeber 08 ) .

If you really badly want you belly done then i would go for it, but if you’ve only just decided, think carefully :].

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