My one and only shot..

By Keely from Texas.
In summer 2011, I met a girl named Faith. We soon began dating each other, and she worked at a small local tattoo shop in the next town over. I spent a lot of my time at the shop, sitting around, watching others get pierced and tatted up.

Ever since I was probably around 10 or 11, I’d wanted to get my belly button pierced. I figured this might be my one and only shot for a while. I asked my girlfriend if the owner of the shop, Jack, would pierce my navel for me, and he agreed. (I had my mother’s permission, of course.)

It was late one night, just before closing at around 10:30. I picked out a metal navel ring with a dirty word on the bottom ball of it (I’m a teenager, so what.) and sat myself down on the table. I’ve had piercings before, pain is nothing new to me, but none of my piercings have ever hurt quite like my belly button.

The good thing is, you can’t exactly feel when the needle goes through due to the clamps. All I felt was about 45 seconds of pain, then it was done. It was infected for about two weeks before it healed up, and now it’s doing wonderfully. By far my favorite piercing.

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