My new ultra cute belly ring!

I just got my pierced today, and I was excited, but yet nearvous, and I am 13. I wanted mine done because I think they are sooo cute, and I wanted to have it done.

When I walked in the studio, evryone greeted me with a hello and a smile. The place was Very, very clean, and then they introduced me to the piercer, and then told me to pick out a ring I would like, then he would measure it up to the right size for me (which I am very thin…he said I was lucky cuz most thinner girls have an outie…lucky for me, I have a innie)

He markred the places where he would pierce, and then clamped it together. He told me to lie down, and keep my breathing slow and calm, and before I knew it, I had a new piercing! It didn’t even hurt that much! all I felt was a pinch and then it was over and done! I love my new belly button ring!

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