My new ring…

By Patrica, from Sema, AL

I went with my friend to get her belly button ring. She wanted me to get one, but I was being punk. I didn’t watch her get hers and when she came out she was laughing at me because i punked out.

So being the bad girl that I am i went and got one. I picked out a silver diamond stud belly ring it was so cute. So I was standing there waiting to get my belly ring. They cleaned the area were the ring was going to go and I closed my eyes extra tight.

I thought it was going to be the worst pain I ever felt, but it was not. When I opened my eyes to see if it was dne the ring was already in. I was so amazed and all I felt was a little pressure. I got laughed at for nothng when I could have just got it done like my friend.

When i started to play with it i hurt a little because it was new, but I had already bought two new belly buttons rings so I can switch they up to go out partying or whatever. Now that i got mine I laugh at other people who are scared to get their belly buttons pierced.

I know it iswrong of me to laugh at them, but they don’t know how scared I was so it is all funny to me. Now I am suggestingbelly button piercing to my friends. I am happy I got one because i am a really bad girl who now loves piercings and is not afraid of getting one.

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