My Naval Percing

By Elizabeth from Texas
picture002_fbuHi my names Elizabeth, I got my Belly button periced about a year ago. My sister had done it in the bathroom at my other sisters old house on mothers day. I was pinned up agains the wall in the most okwardest position ever while my sister shiloh was on her knees with the hallow needle trying to jam it into my belly button. It hurt bad and when she finally got it through it was slightly crooked. She put cotton balls on both ends and pulled my shirt down. I had to walk out in pain infront of my family which they didnt know I had just pierced my belly button and was forced to do some heavy lifting which hurt bad. The piercing hurt about a 9 between 1-10. My sister pulled me back into ber room and jamed the ring through. She had told me all the wrong ways to clean it lke getting in clorine pulls helped and clean it with alcohol every day and to play with it constantly. I was shocked that the many times it tried to get infected that I saved it from it. A few days after I was changing my shirt and y mom walked in to put some clothes away and saw it. She threatened to take it out but she found out that it could get badly infected if she did that. I was grounded for months and wasn’t aloud to see my sister. She kept telling my mom I did it not her and then said I forced her to do it. Then she said she thought my mom knew and was okay with it when she really wasn’t. We didn’t talk for months and it was really depressing. Today my piercings doing fine, A lil crooked but its good. It’s healed and im really happy with it. Soon maybe today I might be getting my septum done by a new friend. Hope everything goes well. Thanks for letting me share my story. I’ll leave one for my septum as well. Over all the I want my hips, septum, tongue, eyebrow, angels, and monroe done. See ya c:


Disclaimer: At Belly Rings Guide, we do not encourage home piercings! Piercings should always be carried out by experienced professionals in a sterile environment. Thanks for reading…

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