My Lovely Belly Piercing

By Shan Lee, Colorado

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’ve had my belly button pierced twice…

The first time i got it was on my 16th bday but before i got it i had to beg my dad a million times just to get him to say yes and he basically just gave it to me as my bday gift, so afta bday shoppin i went straight to the piercing salon and got it over & done with and it didnt hurt at all!!

But after it was done i noticed that it was crooked and he had only pierced a thin amount of skin but it was barely noticeable, but it bothered me alot!!

But my firends told me that you couldn’t even tell so i left it alone for 2 years and it wasnt hard to take care of either, but mine took a year to heal… but after a lot of thinkin i decided to take it out and get it re-pierced kuz if i have it pierced i might as well be happy with it right??

So thats what i did i took it out and waited 4 months to get it re-done & lemme tell you the 2nd time around it hurt more kuz of the scar tissue but its nothing unbareable… and now im happy with it!! 🙂

But heres a picture of my first belly piercing!!


  1. hii,im so happy found this page..
    could u please answer this question?
    ive had my piercing for about 6 months now..i took it out 3 days ago guz it was just rlly crooked u even could see it from a distance …so i want to re pierce it
    do u think it would heal still after 6 monts of having it? how long should i wait.. is 2 or 3 months enough ( i also had it with a thin amount of skin )_the piercer said she hopes it wil cure and she’ll put it deeper ( i went to another piercing place)

    thanks soo much xxx

    1. Hi, your piercing will heal. They always do if the piercing is taken out. The amount of time it will take to heal is individual but 2/3 months should be fine.

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