My Indigo Navel Ring

By Alicia, from Leicester, England

My name is Alicia and I’m 18 i just got my navel pierced two weeks ago.

It was kind of a spontaneous decision although I have always liked piercings i have two cartilages recently pierced as well as my ear lobes which where pierced when i was a kid.

My friends and i started discussing piercings and tattoos, so i said if I wanted to get anything else pierced it would be my of my friends said she wanted to get her tongue pierced and we agreed that we would go in February after our exams where over the last day of our exams in fact February 2nd but two weeks ago we were in city centre and the conversation turned to our excitement over getting piercings done and a third friend was like why not do it now?

Shopping had gotten a little boring anyway so we went to the piercing shop. The two of us watched my friend get her tongue done and after hers i went in the piercing room it was so clean and organised it looked kind of like a little clinic and i trusted it because i had gotten my last2 piercings there before and everything had been fine.

So i went in and this time it was the turn of my two friends to peer at me, it was kind of funny i was told to pick a ring, I picked a purple ring because it looked so pretty and i sat and there were two guys one cleaned my belly with cotton wool and i think antiseptic i was kind of fascinated and in this weird state i thought it would hurt, so they asked me to pop the opening or head of the needle to prove it was a new one then he was like this is the only painful part and pierced it with what at that time just looked like massive scissors to me and after he pierced he was like are you alright?

I didn’t even answer because I had felt the sharp pain but then it receded and he covered it with a plaster and gave me instructions on how to care for it and a leaflet. I came out and my friends just went did it hurt? It looked painful I was like yeah for a little bit. So we came out the shop and went wow can’t believe we did it .

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  1. wow your peircing is cute i likethe purple. i want to get onebut my mom would kill me and i am afraid it is going to hurt

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