My first real piercing.

by Julie

(San Angelo)

Ok so I’m a really big wuss first of all. I nearly pass out everytime I get a shot or anytime I know a needle will be poking me.

I almost passed out when I got my tattoo 5 years ago. I’m 22 now. I first thought about getting my navel pierced when I was 18. I was a chicken though and opted to get my cartiledge done. Which I had two done in the same ear. That hurt.

Then a tattoo a couple months later. Now here I am 5 years later wanting to get my belly done again. I tell my husband I won’t do it unless he goes with me. After a couple of weeks of research and reading some stories, and even watching a couple of videos I decide I’m going to do it.

I went to work this last Saturday and decided I had to do it that night or I would never do it. I was nervous and freaking out for the next 4 hours at work.

I almost didn’t go because it was raining really hard. But I sucked it up and drove down to Bonnie Blue Tattoos in San Angelo. I had spoke with the lady who does the piercings there a couple days earlier to ask a few questions.

She was very nice. So I go in she hands me a paper to read and sign. By this time I’m shaking and it was hard to write my name. I was so scared. I felt like such a dork sitting there panicking. She tells me to go into the room and she marks my stomach I say it looks fine.

She has me lie back in the chair and I’m just completely freaking out. But I’m sitting very still because I sure don’t want to mess this up. She puts the clamps on and they felt wierd. Not painful just kind of odd.

I had to put my hands over my eyes so that I couldn’t accidently see what was going on. I didn’t feel the needle go in initially, but my God did I feel it coming out the top. It hurt quite a bit and I felt her having to put more force into making the needle go throught the top. When she told me it was through I uncovered my eyes but didn’t look down.

Then I started to get nauseous and light headed. She turned a fan on me because I was starting to think I might pass out. She hadn’t put the barbell in yet so I asked if that part would hurt and she said no. So I told her do it now quick. Since I didn’t want to pass out with the needle in me.

What if I fell out of the chair that could cause some damage. After she got the barbell in my light headedness and the nausea got worse. The lady was really nice and told me that only about 3 out of 10 people can get a piercing with out wanting to pass out afterwards.

It took me a while to get out of that state, but she brought me a sprite to drink to help with the nausea and bring my sugar back up. When I felt all shaky again I knew I was past the passing out point and I was able to sit up.

Now I know it wasn’t the pain that made me all light headed. I just get way to anxious before I have shots or blood drawn and its just what happens to me. My cousin had hers done and she didn’t get faint.

I’m just a chicken. It’s pretty sore after you get it pierced so try not to touch it. And if you have a puppy, be extra careful mine is always putting his paws on me.

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