my first belly piercing

by Sara griffiths


i was 12 years old and i nagged my mother to death for my belly to be pierced for my 13th birthday and i was amazed when she sed yes.

i had it done a week before my birthday and i was the first one out off all my friends to have it done so i was a bit nervous as i had no one really to talk about it to.

to be honest, it hardly hurt a bit, the only thing i felt was the pinch and it was done.
It took a long time to healy but actually it never did fully heal and as i was changing it at least once a week the skin started to become thinner and thinner.

This could sound really stupid now but what i did next was actually quite silly. I was annoyed one day because i had a new belly bar which was gold with a crystal flower and my skin was too thin and it just looked stupid so, i kind of ripped the belly bar out and cut of the two little ends with the scissors.

i now have a star scar there but i miss it so much so i am going to try and have it done again but this time i want the bootom one done aswell.

i am now 15, and i really want a linked belly bar with three balls and two bars but i don’t know if u can have them.

i really want them black aswell with black diamond balls. anyone who can help me, please reply, i woul be very very grateful!
Saraa xx

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