My first act of rebellion

By Fiona Naughton, Galway

Belly Button Piercing in Ireland

For years and years i wanted my belly button done but had to follow the rule once you leave home you can pierce anything enforced by my parents. 🙁

So during my first week in college and at 19 i took the plunge i got it pierced – Luke was my piercer from Metal Works Galway he was excellent and his studio was spotless. my friend reccomeneded him and i was delighted i followed her advice! 🙂

He gave excellent aftercare advice and provided my cleaning products needed and i had no problems with it. It healed in 6 months and had no infections when i went back to get it changed he commented on how good it healed that i did a good job and took a picture to put up on his website.

I went with Megan my housemate and while she was there she decided to get her tongue pierced we held each others hands and we left very very happy! 😉

I get my jewellery in either his studio or a shop called Kembali all good prices . My tips for fast healing are: use a medicated soap in the shower every day; clean twice a day with saline solution; soak your piercing in salt water once a week.

And take zinc for two months ❗ Luke told me to as it helps to create more white blood cells needed for healing.
It did not hurt really the worst bit was twisting the ball on the top when it was just pierced . And had some pain for a few days, but was well worth it i love it and would not change it for the world! 🙂

This is my newest bar – it has a blue shaft and blue stone it is 10mm which is a perfect fit.

Also Metal Works has become the place of choice for my friends – Darragh got his tragus and lobe pierced, Aisling her tongue twice, Megan a tattoo and her tongue and Cathy her nose! 😉

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