my ear piercings hurt more!!!

well I’m 13 and i wanted my belly pierced really bad. and about a hour ago i did!!! my dad took me and i told him i would cry, but surprisingly i didn’t. it hurt less then my ear lobes.

have my ear lobes pierced 5 times and i cried every time i got my earlobes done. yea my belly hurt, it hurt but no where near as bad as my ear lobes.

i was so nervous but it isn’t bad at all the worst apart isn’t the needle it is just when the needle is going through u feel a pinch sure but i think the worst part was then few seconds the needle was in there(which didn’t hurt) it just felt tight because your skin is being stretched.

now…. 45 minutes later…… sure it stings a bit still from the salt spray to tell you the truth it hurts more right now then when i got it done. it hurts ALOT right now when i go from a sitting to standing position but that should go away in a few days

just a bit of advise would be don’t look at the needle. i didn’t but if i did i probably wouldn’t have gotten it done.


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