My dream to have a navel ring over…

by Wildchild


Since i was 18 yrs old i always wanted to have a belly pierce. And now I’m 25 i mustered enough courage to get 1.

The first time i got it was in Japan where i used gun piercing. It got infected as i expected because in Japan they don’t have betadine or any anti bacterial ointment. I tried drinking oral medicines my friends brought from Philippines (amoxicillin).

As it was almost healed i notice that my skin (where i got pierced) was getting thinner that i could see my ring inside of it. As i take shower sadly my ring was take off and skin was damage.

As it got healed after a month i went back to Philippines and went through a professional piercer. It was totally painful but I’m happy coz i thought it was a success since he get thicker skin to get pierced (the first time i did was a mistake coz my friend get a little skin to insert a ring).

But exactly 1 month and 3 days it happened again. My skin get thin again and the pierce is gone. My navel is different from the usual navels. Mine is like a cinnamon roll unlike Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are perfect. If anyone could read my story i need your advice.

I still want to get a belly pierce but how could i get if my skin is getting thinner as my pierce is getting healed. By the way is it alright to drink alcoholic beverage while the pierce is not yet healed? I’m thinking it might be the reason why my pierce is not perfect. Please help me……….

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  1. hey dear!
    the first i got mine pierced,i’ve hot the same problem..
    the second time also…
    then i’ve tried at the bottom and it was perfect…
    you must leave it and dont change the jewel for more than 5 months…and for sure,it will be better…
    am 22 and i’ve got mine since the age of 15….meaning 7yrs since i wear it and i really like it <3
    am a mauritian girl and in mauritius barely rare we have such problem…
    titanium jewels are best eva

  2. my first navel piercing was done off centre and it was not done very well so the skin thinned around it. belly bar was getting pushed out as a result. i took that one out after a few years and got it done again last year where i was told to stay standing up instead of lying down whilst she did it and it turned out much better, right in the centre and enough skin to keep it in place.

  3. i have the same issue with my skin thinning but im 15 …

    i think you should try piercing the bottom and use the hoop ring when you get it pierced it seems to hold better and follow care instructions and dont fiddle with it and change it after about a month or two …

  4. i have 5 piercings (although not my belly), and with every one, it’s been done with a needle. i was told by my piercer never to get it done with a piercing gun as the needle isn’t as easily cleaned. like ashley said, your body is rejecting your piercing. i have a friend who’s had her monroe done 3 or 4 times and every time it rejected. she had to stop doing it because all of the scar tissue made it hurt too badly. also, a sea salt soak for about 5-10 minutes a day will work, or, use an antimicrobial soap. my piercer also said that dial antibacterial doesn’t work as well, to use antimicrobial. here’s a link to what i use —

    good luck with your piercing!

  5. Well bascially ur body is rejectin ur piercing. If u decide 2 get anotha 1 dont clean it with alcohol, betadine, hydrogen peroxide because it is not good for the piercing. Instead use sea salt, and/or dial antibactial soap. do some reasearch and good luck

  6. got myn and done 4 £25 includin everythin and bought 4 cute bars and ma mum bought sum 4 me for xmas and got a bit red at top but fadin just where clamps where luv it postin ma story on ere soon

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