My Cute belly ring

By Brianna from Detroit.

I have always wanted a belly piercing.. so one day i asked my mama can i get my belly pierced on my 16 b-day she said she would think about it,but in my mind i knew that meant yes!!!.lol,but anyways she woke me up the next moring and said cmon lets go..i was like what.but i knew it was about to go down.

We went to the shop and soon as  we went they were ready for us..they asked how old was i.and they gave my mama these papers to fill out..i had to siign for it..As we walked to the back he was sitting there wait on me..i got nervous and scared,.my mama was like this is what you wanted now you gotta he told me to stand inb front of him so i did he said it not going to hurt it was just goin to pinch for a sec.

I said okai he was nice too me .he told me too look in the air and he counted 1,2,3 i jumped.and it was over that fast!!! i was  like wow. he told ,me the way im suppose to take care of it,,he said use this spray valled,Bactine,yhu can get it from a drug store..he said do not tak a bath,keep it in for 8weeks than i can change it.i was like man thats too long,,but i had to wait so i did..i was looking at it all that day..:)

But remember to always clean it never touch it if your hands arent clean.BUT MOST OF ALL WAIT ALEAST 8 WEEKS TO CHANGE THE RING,but if you do it sooner it anit no telling if it might close..its a 60% that it will close but 40%it will stay open it you put the other ring in rite after you take the old one out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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