My Crazy Belly Piercing Story!

By Tennille from Maryland.

Ok So getting my belly pierced was oh so random. heres how it happend. one day atskool my friend racheal called me and ask me to meet her and brittany in the bathroom so i to the bathroom and she goes look t i pierec my tongue you like it im like yes i want my belly done im scared to get my tongue done though she said for real i can do it for you if you want

i said okay im with it darling. so we decided to skip third period to go to brittanyhuse since she lived closer to the skool so i can get my belly done. so we get inside the house and go up stairs we pulled the supplies which included a sewing needle a lighter and a pair of clamps and a belly ring. so i layed on the bed thinking am i really about to do this . . .

so rachael grabbed the lighter and used it to burn the needle to make it sterile and brittany used the clamps to grab my navel upwards and racheal shoved the needle threw my navel can you say OUCH! i Got burned but i used coco butter to get rid of the burise bt any way she quickl put the belly ring into the hole she jus made it was a little crooked but you hardly noticed it so iwas so happy thinkin i was so cute that i went outside showing it off taking pics i uploaded one with this story hope yall like it

but any way about three days later its ripped out in the shower ididnt even feel it but it is now healed and ready to be re-pierced. what a memory!


  1. I’ve had my belly ring since May of 2011 and for about the first 2 weeks it was fine. I’m not sure i was cleaning it properly but i know that it started to form dark circles around the top and bottem hole. I figured it was all aprt of the healing process so I didnt brother it. I changed the ring about 2 months after but the dark circles still havent went a way. It is now Auguest and im wondering why my belly ring still has dark circles. It doesnt puss, swell, or hurt. i havent had any hard balls or puss balls, no growings or anything. it feels normal but it looks weird. any tips?

  2. OK, you need to do this PROFESSIONALLY next time, ok? Get a fake ID, bribe the piercer, whatever you need to do but ask a PROFESSIONAL. There’s going to be serious damage if you pierce through scar tissue unproperly. Don’t even think about letting your girlfriends do this again, and do your best to discourage them from piercing each other any body part expect for you earlobes, which are safe enough if you use plenty of alcohol to sterilize the needle (don’t EVER ut a hot needle through your skin again, okay?). I have a total of seven piercings and I did three by myself without any trouble or infections or even pain, but you have t be serious and smart about it. RESEARCH. Use Google.

  3. I really hope you get it pierced professionally this time hun, The way you pierced it the first time can cause terrible infections and scar tissue on your body. Be smart about it.

    Also, it’s called Rejection… your body rejected your piercing, probably because you used a needle that was hot enough to burn your skin. You caused so much trauma at once to your naval that your body noticed it was foreign and rejected it.
    Do a little research before you repierce it please! Dummy UP!

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